Frequently Asked Questions Answered.


1. Who is MRG Medical?
• MRG Health is a services company that improves health of patients with chronic disease by improving access to
healthcare through Virtual Health & Wellness Services.

2. How Do My Patients Enroll?
• We reach out to patients via phone calls or text message on behalf of the Practice, or they may call us at any time to
verbally consent to enroll in the program.

3.What Patients Qualify?
• Patients with Medicare or a Medicare advantage plan*.
• Patients have been seen in the practice in the past year.
• Patients must have one or more chronic conditions.

Conditions we focus on include:
• All Chronic conditions
• Patients being released from a hospital or from
a procedure.(TCM)

4. Who Manages My Patients?
• MRG Care 360’s Virtual Care Team (VCT) is made up of MA’s, LPN’s.
• All VCT members work in our virtual care center in Mcallen,TX.

5. How Are My Patients Managed?
• The VCT communicates with each patient monthly via phone calls, emails, and texts.
• We utilize accountability, education, motivation, monitoring, med management, and care coordination to improve
patient outcomes and engagement.The VCT does an initial health assessment to develop a care plan based on the patient’s specific health-related
goals, challenges, conditions, medical history, etc., which they will work from and update each month.

6. What Is My Responsibility?
• Physicians need to review patients’ care plans, which we send to the practice each month.

• Physicians need to inform new patients about the program on an ongoing basis.
• Physician will need to review completed patient charts on a weekly basis.

7. What Does a Care Plan Look Like?
• A care plan consists of a patient’s conditions, medications, providers, allergies, goals, barriers to success, symptoms,
numbers to track, consent, and activity time logs.

8. How Does the Billing Work?
• MRG Medical bills for all services provided through our billing system. A weekly billing report is provided to the practice along with a collections report. Every 30 days, MRG Health remits the net amount calculated by subtracting the MRG cost of services from gross collections to the practice. Option A on average, the practice will get$10 per chart review.Option B managed service agreement that would require a custom proposal based on the
resources the Practice has.

9. Does this program violate Stark or AKS regulations?
No. These services are performed as an extension of the practice under general supervision and incident to the physician services. Your staff, including contracted staff through MRGMedical, provides services under your supervision.
• You should never receive reimbursement for services you do not provide.


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