Real results that change real lives.

Smart Care 360 integrates into our patient’s lives seamlessly and effortlessly. A seamless and effortless integration is crucial in obtaining results. These results are obtained from reprogramming bad habits in to good ones and providing information to our patients that will improve their health.

Health & Wellness that works, before, during and after the patient visit.

Smart Care 360 VCM Performance Metrics


New Patients Per Month


Patient Compliance


Retention Rate


Weight Loss Reduction


Medication Adhernce Improvement


Patient Still use Smart Care 360 8+ Months After Onboarding 

Annual US Disease Costs


Spent Annually by the U.S. on Cardiovascular Disease


Spent Annually by the U.S. on Diabetes


Spent Annually by the U.S. on COPD & Smoking Diseases

Virtual Care Management Outcomes


Outcome Improvement Using Virtual Care Management


Reduction in Hospitalizations


Reduction in CHF Related Hospitalizations


Reduction in Deaths

VCM Senior Improvements


Weight Loss Among Seniors 65+ Years Old


Anxiety Reduction in Seniors


Depression Reduction in Seniors

MRG Health’s turnkey disease specific custom platform creates better health and wellness that works for any chronic condition. – including office managers and practice accountants. Let us know your current workflow, your patient base, and what preventive and chronic care management services you’d like some assitance with, and we’ll perform and assessment to show you how much revenue MRG Health can help you earn.

New Technologies
That Delivers.

MRG Health provides a complete solution that helps improve patient outcomes while increasing practice revenue and cost.