Virtual Care Management Services Simplified

Improve patient outcomes & generate $10k+per month of NET profits for every 400 patients enrolled 

One Platform for

The Entire Patient Journey

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Per Year

Increase Patient Care and Drive More Revenue to Your Practice

Not only does the practice benefit from improved patient outcomes, but your practice can also now qualify for more Medicare incentive programs, while increasing practice revenues and reducing appointment cancellations and no-shows. This helps you capture 3% to 5% of incentives on all of your existing inpatient Medicare billing and collections.

More Profits for Physican

Healthier Patients

Increase Practice Efficiency by up to 50%

Capture More Medicare Incentives

MRG Health’s turnkey disease specific custom platform creates better health and wellness that works for any chronic condition. – including office managers and practice accountants. Let us know your workflow, your patient base, and what preventive and chronic care management services you’d like some assitance with, and we’ll perform and assessment to show you how much revenue MRG Health can help you earn.


For Practices

  • Improve Patient Outcomes
  • Improve Patient Health
  • Improve Chronic Disease Management
  • Increase Practice Revenue within your current Patient base
  • Turn key hands off solution if your practice doesn’t have the staff to manage the patients

For Patients

  • Improve access to Healthcare Resources 
  • Improve Patient Health
  • Improve Chronic Disease Management
  • Reduce Healthcare Cost
  • Prevent Chronic episodes from occurring
  • Keep Patients more engaged with the Practice

How can we help you implement your Virtual Care Solution today?

Patient Onboarding

  • Self Scheduling
  • Online Scheduling
  • Consent Forms
  • Insurance Verification & Authorization
  • Pay Co-Pays/Balances
  • English & Spanish Speaking

Patient Engagement

  • Telehealth, CCM, PCM, TCM, RPM all within 1 platform
  • Disease Specific Care Plans
  • Follow-Up Alerts
  • Educational Content
  • Surveys

Remote / After Care

  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Care Plan Management
  • Monitor Patient’s Vitals Via
    Bluetooth Integrated Devices
  • Health & Wellness Programs
  • Review Data & Import to EHR
  • Seamless Integration  into your EHR

Customers & Strategic Partners

What Our Patients Say

I love the care I am receiving from the MRG care team. The Health and Wellness content I receive throughout the week helps me improve my health. Living alone gets lonley at times and having them contact me on a weekly bases helps me cope with that.


Smart Care 360

The program is awesome where has this technology been all my life. The value I am getting out of it money can’t buy. Ive lost 15lbs in 3 months from being on this platform I have a personal health & wellness coach and its all at the palm of my hands.


Smart Care 360

Having my own personal nurse that checks on me throughout the week makes me feel good. The nutrition & exercise weekly content also helps keep me on the right track to a better healthy life. 


Smart Care 360

I love the app! It changed my life a now I don’t have to write down my vitals on a piece of paper anymore and can track all of them on this app and can see the progress of my health getting better.


Smart Care 360

I have lost 10lbs since being on the MRG Health program the inspirational quotes and nutrition content is amazing thank you so much this is helping me like nothing before. 


Smart Care 360

Thank you for getting me in this program I really feel like someone cares about my Health. I live alone and most of my family is gone. Ive lost weight I feel better and my sense of lonleiness has reduced treamoundously. 


Smart Care 360

I need to thank you for all the information that you have been sending it has helped me a lot with the holidays coming I’ve been feeling very stressful and do not understand why. I am no starting to have anxiety issues but I do want to thank you for all the information you have sent it has re-kept me really kept me on my toes about the good products to eat to continue staying healthy.. The Covid has changed our way of living and making decisions that can stress you out so much. I do not want to watch TV because I do not want to hear bad news sometimes I think my nerves are shattered. Missing family for a long time it’s also difficult ?. Please continue your messages. I wish you blessings during this Christmas and new year God bless you all.


Smart Care 360