Revenue Cycle Management

Smart Care 360 has a full revenue cycle management component that fully tracks patient revenue. Receive expert support to navigate the complexities of medical billing reimbursement and maximize profitability.

Full RCM Solution From Start to Finish

Revenue Cycle Management is the process used by healthcare systems in the United States to track their patient revenue from their initial appointment or encounter with the healthcare system to their final payment of balance.

The cycle can be defined as “all administrative and clinical functions that contribute to the capture, management, and collection of patient service revenue.” It is a cycle that describes and explains the life cycle of a patient (and subsequent revenue and payments) through a typical healthcare encounter from admission (registration) to final payment (or adjustment off of accounts receivables).

CPT Code
What it covers?
Billing Frequency
Compensates providers (physicians, PAs, NPs, allergists) for 30 minutes of caring for a patient with one serious chronic condition
Once per patient every calendar month
Reimburses providers for 30 minutes of clinical staff time directed by a provider for patient care on a patient with one serious chronic condition
Once per patient every calendar month

MRG Health gets patients successfully enrolled and Health systems launched and eligible for reimbursement of up to $54 per patient per month in weeks. And you can use platform simultaneously for Remote Patient Management (RPM), Principal Care Management Transitional Care Management & Chronic Care Management all within one Platform and Virtual Visits.

Billing & Coding Audits

Our independent, outside coding audits demonstrate that reasonable steps have been taken to ensure compliance.

Patient-Centered Care Management

Patient first, patient centered care is our priority. We have certain staff to patient ratios so that patients receive the time and care they need each month to improve their health & wellness and prevent chronic episodes or hospital admissions.

Built-in Patient Education & Gamification Compliance Tools

Delivering Happy HealthCARE!

Patient Identification & Insurance Verification

Identifying patients with specific target diseases or determinants of health for approval or denial and insurance verification & authorization.

Implementation & Patient Consents Onboarding

Configuration of care plans, patient care tasks, education program, outreach, enrollment, consent documentation and EMR integration upon request.

Personalized Care Plans & Monthly Engagement

Patients programs are designed around determinants of health, risk factors, availability, commitment level, and tied to a monthly check-in schedule.

Vital Tracking Devices & Physiological Symptom Surveys

Integration with 250+ devices and ingest several different data points that tie to rules engines, algorithms, decision tree logic, and alert systems to utilize actionable data to take proactive preventative measures vs reactive treatment based.

Patient Education & Gamification Rewards Programs

Disease specific & literacy level personalized content in 8+ languages that ties to daily care tasks, point systems, challenges, badge levels, and 100+ digital gift cards to top retailers.

Billing Collections & Revenue Cycle Management

We jump through all the hoops to get paid for you from start to finish, mediate denied claims, manage any insurance audits, and take financial risk on clawbacks due to our digital footprint and audit trail.

For Practices
For Patients

New Revenue Stream​

RPM adds a new revenue stream to your practice and allows you to get reimbursed for monitoring patient’s vitals more closely while increasing patient care.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Starting the RPM program can improve patient satisfaction as it adds regular check ins with patients, improves their outcomes and keeps them more engaged with your practice.

Integrated Provider Dashboard

Smart Care 360 dashboard allows providers to easily review patient’s data and take actions if necessary.

Automated Billing, Tracking and Reporting

At the end of every month, Smart Care 360 automatically creates a report and drops claims with appropriate codes through your own EHR.

Intelligent Reminders

Identifying high risk patterns through our decision logic or from data with proper actions, either by a notification to patient or contact by their care manager.

Reach Your Patients' Health Goals

Our virtual care team is here to assist your patients along the way to reaching a better quality of life 365 days a year.

Interested in learning more about what patients are eligible to participate and how RCM is relevant to your practice?

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MRG Health provides a complete solution that helps improve patient outcomes while increasing practice revenue and cost.