Revenue Cycle Management

Smart Care 360 has a full revenue cycle management component that fully tracks patient revenue. Receive expert support to navigate the complexities of medical billing reimbursement and maximize profitability.

Full RCM Solution From Start to Finish

Revenue Cycle Management is the process used by healthcare systems in the United States to track their patient revenue from their initial appointment or encounter with the healthcare system to their final payment of balance. The cycle can be defined as “all administrative and clinical functions that contribute to the capture, management, and collection of patient service revenue.” It is a cycle that describes and explains the life cycle of a patient (and subsequent revenue and payments) through a typical healthcare encounter from admission (registration) to final payment (or adjustment off of accounts receivables).


Coding & Compliance


Claim Submission

Collections & Appeals

Payment Posting

Billing & Coding Audits

Our independent, outside coding audits demonstrate that reasonable steps have been taken to ensure compliance.

Reliable, consistent bookkeeping and compliance

Proven controls to help reduce fraud

Decision-ready financial reports

Integrated technology and support from industry specialists


Credentialing is the process of obtaining and reviewing documentation to determine participation status in a health plan. The documentation may include, but not be limited to, the applicant’s education, training, clinical privileges, experience, licensure, accreditation, certifications, professional liability insurance, malpractice history and professional competence. Generally, the terms credentialing and recredentialing include the review of the information and documentation collected, as well as verification that the information is accurate and complete.

Revenue Cycle Management at your fingertips!

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