The Challenges of Operating a Gastroenterology Practice

And if you have 500+ chronically ill patients in your EMR, coordinating care and jumping through insurance hoops is a lot for your staff. MRG’s Virtual Care Management platform is here to help.

Give your staff
the support they need

Offload time-consuming and costly care for chronically ill patients

Improve chronic care
patient outcomes

By providing virtual care to patients that need it most

Give your staff
the support they need

400 patients can generate $120,000 profit annually

Barriers to Adequate Gastroenterology Management
Here are the factors that are potentially standing in the way of getting your patients’ GI illness under control:
Diseases MRG
monitors for Gastroenterology

Types of Virtual Care Services
Provided for Gastroenterology

Helping patients suffering from chronic conditions get well

When you sign up for MRG, your patients get access to our Smart Care 360 app. Here’s how the app helps your patients get well.

Clinical Research Demonstrates Virtual Care
Improves Gastroenterology Outcomes

Giving your patients the best possible care means more than just providing them with medical services. It’s also time for you, as their physician, to think beyond what can be seen in-person. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) and virtual care have been clinically shown to improve gastroenterology outcomes and allow more people dealing with GI issues to get the treatment they need. In an RPM program, patients are monitored remotely using home medical devices like digital weight scales and glucometers to measure weight, glucose, pain scoring, and other measurables unique to treating gastroenterology patients. In an article published by MDPI, it was demonstrated that patients treated with RPM systems experienced higher rates of sustained virological response compared to patients that were receiving the traditional face-to-face consultations prevalent in Gastroenterology today. This is important because it allows those living in distant or impoverished communities to obtain the healthcare that they need and deserve.

Personalized Accountability Coaching

Personalized health
and wellness programs

Access to virtual
care team

Access to care
coordination services

Why Smartcare360°?

Improve Patient Outcomes

Improve Patient Outcomes

Clinically-proven to raise the rates of sustained virological response in patients compared to individuals that were receiving face-to-face consultations for patients with hepatitis 

Efficiently Manage Billing

Efficiently Manage Billing

Our gastroenterology practice management software is designed to automatically separate billing for each virtual care service and more.

Create Profitable Revenue

Create Profitable Revenue

RPM increases profitability for any practice in two ways: Reducing costs and increasing overall revenue.

By providing physicians with real-time data, RPM can be used to improve care delivery, avoid potential complications, and cut expenses overall.

In addition, physicians who implement RPM can qualify for special grants from the government that help to offset the cost of care and bring in revenue for immediate profitability.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Getting virtual care is much more affordable for your patients. The idea of going to the hospital and getting a consultation might put them off because of the huge bills. But, with virtual care services, getting consultations is decidedly more cost-friendly.

With the all-inclusive wellness program created by MRG Health, practices who adopt RPM and CCM can expect to see a boost in their bottom line by $10,000 per month for every 400 patients.

Feedback from actual
Smartcare360° patient.

I have lost 10 lbs since being on the MRG Health program. The inspirational quotes and nutrition content is amazing thank you so much this is helping me like nothing before.