Exercise Simplified

SmartCare 360 enables care plan development with monthly communication to
patients and other treating health professionals for patients with at least 1 chronic condition. Principal Care Management (PCM) services are rendered to patients remotely and provide patients with 24/7 access to a clinician, and a monthly care plan and updates.

Exercise with MRG Health

MRG Health enables Principal Care Management (PCM) with a preconfigured disease specific care plans,health &
wellness content with a combination of software and services that puts provider organizations on the fast track to
receiving reimbursements while keeping patients compliant and healthy.

Team-Based Care Approach

We cover the full spectrum of qualified healthcare professionals to meet your patient population’s needs ALL in one platform.

Patient-Centered Care Management

Patient first, patient centered care is our priority. We have certain staff to patient ratios so that patients receive the time and care they need each month to improve their health & wellness and prevent chronic episodes or hospital admissions.

Built-in Patient Education & Gamification Compliance Tools

Delivering Happy HealthCARE!

Patient Identification & Insurance Verification

Identifying patients with specific target diseases or determinants of health for approval or denial and insurance verification & authorization.

Implementation & Patient Consents Onboarding

Configuration of care plans, patient care tasks, education program, outreach, enrollment, consent documentation and EMR integration upon request.

Personalized Care Plans & Monthly Engagement

Patients programs are designed around determinants of health, risk factors, availability, commitment level, and tied to a monthly check-in schedule.

Vital Tracking Devices & Physiological Symptom Surveys

Integration with 250+ devices and ingest several different data points that tie to rules engines, algorithms, decision tree logic, and alert systems to utilize actionable data to take proactive preventative measures vs reactive treatment based.

Patient Education & Gamification Rewards Programs

Disease specific & literacy level personalized content in 8+ languages that ties to daily care tasks, point systems, challenges, badge levels, and 100+ digital gift cards to top retailers.

Billing Collections & Revenue Cycle Management

We jump through all the hoops to get paid for you from start to finish, mediate denied claims, manage any insurance audits, and take financial risk on clawbacks due to our digital footprint and audit trail.

For Practices
For Patients

New Revenue Stream​

RPM adds a new revenue stream to your practice and allows you to get reimbursed for monitoring patient’s vitals more closely while increasing patient care.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Starting the RPM program can improve patient satisfaction as it adds regular check ins with patients, improves their outcomes and keeps them more engaged with your practice.

Integrated Provider Dashboard

SmartCare 360 dashboard allows providers to easily review patient’s data and take actions if necessary.

Automated Billing, Tracking and Reporting

At the end of every month, SmartCare 360 automatically creates a report and drops claims with appropriate codes through your own EHR.

Intelligent Reminders

Identifying high risk patterns through our decision logic or from data with proper actions, either by a notification to patient or contact by their care manager.

Reach Your Patients' Health Goals

Our virtual care team is here to assist your patients along the way to reaching a better quality of life 365 days a year.

Interested in learning more about what patients are eligible to participate and how PCM is relevant to your practice?

New Technologies That Deliver.

MRG Health provides a complete solution that helps improve patient outcomes while increasing practice revenue and cost.

 IT Infrastructure & Architecture 
Lucas is a 20+ year experience enterprise Cloud Solutions Architect who has worked with fortune 100 companies and is competent in the following: Enterprise API Gateways – AWS | Azure | Salesforce | Mulesoft | Apigee | IBM Cloud | Anypoint | Cloud Data Warehouse – Snowflake | DBT | Cloudara | Airflow | Kubernetes | AWS | Looker | Prometheus | Full-Stack / Cloud Native – C# / Java / React / Angular / Golang / Python – Cloud DBs – Dynamo / Mysql / Postgres / MSSql / Oracle / Netezza
Compliance & Regulatory 
Experienced Director of Strategic Development with a demonstrated history of spearheading initiatives throughout the healthcare system. Skilled in Physician Relations, Software Documentation, Healthcare Management, Healthcare, and Public Speaking. Strong program and project management professional with years of a proven track record that showcases a creative and proficient skill-set in problem solving.
Investor Relations & Finance 
Ty has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Finance from the University of Houston and a Master’s degree in Economics and Corporate Finance from Rice University. Previously, Ty worked as a senior consultant at FTI Consulting, Inc., advising various stakeholders of troubled and distressed companies across a wide range of industries, including financial services, hospitality, gaming, commercial real estate, energy & oil field services, construction, infrastructure, and municipal-related assets. Additionally, my prior experience includes roles at BNY Mellon and Ocean Park Advisors, LLC’s Investment Bank where I was involved in equity and debt capital raising transactions as well as M&A assignments, liquidity forecasting and assessments, business plan due diligence, development of waterfall and recovery analyses, stakeholder negotiations, plan of reorganization development, M&A/transaction advisory including purchase and sale negotiations and seller due diligence support, board/shareholder representation, developing executive compensation/bonus plans, and ad-hoc strategic and operational assessments.
Strategic Development
Dr Malcom’s Medical Professional qualities are based on 10+ yrs. of participation and exposure to numerous resources as an ER Medical Business Co-Founder, IT Market Leader, Mentor, Red Cross Humanitarian Participant, Graduate of Masters Studies, Graduate of Medical Doctorate (M.D.), Hospital Administrator, and member of the Physician Executive Team. My unique background and combination of these attributes & skills have created a unique innovative space that helps reinforce my ability to grasp the different areas of healthcare that positively impact the hospital ecosystem and be a valuable member of the C-Suite team, as DHR Health’s Chief Medical Information Officer, Physician Executive Leadership Committee, and the Cerner Advisory Committee.
Dr. Sun-Wright
Medical Director 

Dr. Sun-Wright holds a PhD in Biochemistry and an MD with a history of strong leadership and process ownership in primary care and multi-specialty clinical settings working with some of the largest healthcare organizations in the country. While serving as a board member and managing partner of a large independent physician association and Chief Strategy Officer as the primary advocate for financial and operational decisions. As Medical Director for Well Med her responsibilities included the development of organizational goals and targets for clinical performance in a governed Medicare Advantage environment.

Senior Executive Director
Dispensing, assessing and monitoring medications, in patients requiring pharmaceutical therapy. Providing and assessing point of care testing. Providing excellent service and customer satisfaction. Drug information and education. hospital readmission prevention consultant, transition care provider, medication reconciliation provider, pharmacogenomic testing, point of care testing. Medication Therapy Management, medication adherence and legislative advocate as it pertains to pharmacy and patient care.
Director People & Clinical Outcomes 

Physician Assistant turned Entrepreneur with Bachelor in Neuroscience, Masters in Public Health and Health Sciences, After working 80 hours a week as a cardiothoracic surgery physician associate, my workload took a toll on my personal and professional life. That was when I realized my life needed to change. I ended up taking a deep dive into performance sciences and positive intelligence. As a result, I cut down my clinical hours by 30% and increased my income by 50%.

Reggie Abraham
Managing Director  

Experienced Healthcare Executive with a demonstrated history of working in a hospital setting and various other health care facilities. Skilled in Healthcare Operations, EHR & PM Systems, Budgeting, HR Management, Strategic Planning, and Revenue Cycle Management, . Strong business development professional with a Doctorate in Management and Organizational Leadership, Master’s in Healthcare Administration, Master’s in Business Administration. Exceptional track record of establishing strong leadership teams and developing effective operational efficiencies in healthcare operations. Establish and maintain good working relationships with physicians, staff, vendors, government agencies, managed care companies, and clients.

Vascular General, Cardiac, OB Sonography
Founder/CEO - Strategic Development  
Assists Physicians and Healthcare Executives in Leveraging Virtual Care Management Technologies, NEW Billable CPT Codes, and Value Based Care Models to Improve Clinical Outcomes and Create NEW Revenue streams. Kyle holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a minor in marketing, and a Degree in Vascular, General, Cardiac, and Obstetrical Sonography. His philanthropy work focuses on veteran affairs, single mothers, first responders, and mentoring terminally ill and at-risk youth through organizations such as Beauty for Freedom, Ferrari Kid, Southwest Keys Program, ICON Talks, and Living Beyond A Dream.