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To Improve Access to Care and Disrupt the Health & Wellness Delivery Models For Those Suffering From 1+ or More Chronic Disease Domestically and Internationally Through Patient Adoption, Satisfaction, and Compliance Improving Clinical Outcomes and Lowering Healthcare Costs.


To Be the Next Ring DoorBell, Grocery Delivery App, Uber, or AirBNB of the Digital Health & Wellness Space delivering HAPPY healthCARE one patient at a time.


Service, Support, and Integrity NOT only for Our Clients but their Patients and Their Family Members by providing leading-edge solutions, people that care, and with the patient first in mind.

Who We Serve:

There are 10,000 Americans per day turning 65 years old. Chronic diseases affect approximately 133 million people or more than 40% of the total population with over 80 million having multiple conditions, 7 out of 10 deaths in the U.S. are due to chronic diseases, and people with chronic diseases only receive 56% of recommended healthcare services.​

Within hospital systems that tend to be delayed & fragmented there are over $60 Billion in post-acute care expenditures, $26 Billion in readmission costs, and $300 Billion annually spent on noncompliance in the U.S.

Imagine if you have a family member with flip phone with hypertension or diabetes that had NO home internet or wifi and you could see whether or not they took their blood pressure or glucose and what the actual reading is. Or if you could monitor 200 patients’ medication compliance, biometric vitals, activity, and other data points with one ONLY virtual care representative.

Smart Care 360 and Vital Pay 360 consolidate proprietary telehealth, remote patient monitoring, disease-specific chronic care management, biometric sensors, vital tracking wearables, population health risk factor stratification & patient risk scoring, insurance authorization & verification, medical billing & coding, gamification, communications, education, and engagement tools. This then create solutions that deliver real actionable data & predictive analytics reducing expenses, increasing inefficiencies, and delivering better clinical outcomes and improved staff & clinician productivity

New Technologies That Deliver.

MRG Health provides a complete solution that helps improve patient outcomes while increasing practice revenue and cost.

Our Team

Kyle Christopher

Vascular General, Cardiac, OB Sonography

Founder / CEO

Sabrina Runbeck


Director People & Clinical Outcomes 

Nario Cantu


Strategic Development 

Socrates Garrigos


Medical Director

Javi Malcolm


Strategic Development

Ty Umoh


Investor Relations & Finance 

Rene Hinojosa


Compliance & Regulatory  

Lucas Krause


IT Infrastructure & Architecture