Change habits for a long lasting life!

With MRG Health patient compliance and improving access to care is our priority. We built our platform to make it easier to manage your health on a day at a time with little effort and 247 support from our medical staff.

Meet your Care Team

Set up your careplan and lets get healthy 

Connect with your care team from anywhere

Set realistic goals so we can assist you along the way

Better quality of life starts today

New Technologies
That Deliver.

MRG Health provides a complete solution that helps improve patient outcomes while increasing practice revenue and cost.


For Patients

  • Improve access to Healthcare Resources 
  • Improve Patient Health
  • Improve Chronic Disease Management
  • Reduce Healthcare Cost
  • Prevent Chronic episodes from occurring
  • Keep Patients more engaged with the Practice

MRG Health is here to help along the way

Day 1 starts with meeting your care team and scheduling your health navigator appointment — someone to guide, motivate, and support you along your health journey.

Health, Wellness & Nutrition Content

Depending on your schedule we will be sending disease specific content on Health, Nutrition & eating habits as well as motivational and inspirational quotes through out the month, your coach will keep you accountable through frequent check-ins and provide expert advice along your path to healthy habits.

Change is at your fingertips

Monitor track and stream your vitals to your care team. Take a proactive approach to your health

Complete history of al your vital readings is stored on the Smart Care 360 application

Daily reminders set by your care team to keep you on track to a better health

Compare levels from previous days or weeks to set goals and improve your health

MRG Health has a solution for any need!

Diabetes monitoring and prevention 

Weight management 

Activity and vital tracking devices 

Blood pressure monitoring 

Disease specific nutrition & eating habits content 

Health & Wellness Exercise Content

Mental Health & Wellbeing Content

Health & stress management content 

Empowerment and Wellbeing content 

Sleep activity and health tips